C.V. Lectures & TV

Lectures and moderations

I am an experienced lecturer and key note speaker, an interesting partner for panel discussions and a competent moderator of sessions. I am qualified to speak about many themes and in different contexts (small workshops, great conferences or even public speeches in the open space). I will provide you an enthusiastic and charismatic speech in a language which is appropriate both for a sophisticated and for a less well informed audience. If you will invite me I expect a time frame of at least 30 minutes. Lectures ideally should last longer, if they are combined with a following or integrated discussion the minimum time should be 60 minutes. On a panel I prefer structures with no more than 4 invited experts. The ideal format is a contradictionary dialogue among 2 experts.

Heiner Monheim

I am prepared to give interviews either on radio broadcast, TV, newspaper or journal format and I can provide all kinds of documentations of good or bad practice.


The most frequently requested themes are:

  • Bicycle promotion (infrastructure, communication, marketing)

  • Pedestrian promotion (infrastructure, communication, marketing)

  • Public bike schemes and bicycle parking stations

  • Public transport (on local, regional or national level; bus, tram, rail, car sharing, paratransit)

  • Demographic change and its consequences

  • Traffic calming, shared space, street design, life in public spaces

  • Urban development, urban renewal

  • Retail structures, shopping centres